Yanni Live at the Forbidden City

About This Project

Yanni “Tribute” concert series Live from the Forbidden City

As part of his followup to the Emmy nominated “Yanni: Live at the Acropolis” Yanni once again turned to Lee Rose to be part of the team to make history by staging a concert with a full orchestra with the world famous Forbidden City in Beijing China as the background.    The final edited version or this show, along with the shows filmed at the Taj Mahal were released both as a PBS special and a home video called “Yanni: Tribute”.

  • Producer: George Veras
  • Director: George Veras, Milton Lage
  • Lighting Designer: Lee Rose, David “Gurn” Kaniski
  • Lighting Directors; Paul Lennon, Mathew Firestone, Warwick Burton, Dietrich Jungling
  • Chief Lighting Technicians: Stephen “Dak” Harris, Jeff Durling
  • Production Manager: Michael Weiss
  • Production Coordinator: Doug Pope

August 02, 1997

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